About us

CandlesCube is a leading Candles manufacturer in India. We have 15 years of experience in candles manufacturing. We make quality candles at affordable price. Our products are Tealight, scented, Pillar and rose candles, aluminium tealight cups etc.

Mission –

Our Mission is to spread the light and happiness in the whole world. We like to empower women and teach them other business like candles making etc. My mother started making candles 15 years back where she notices there are around millions of women that must learn this skills and also we can provide candles at best price. So from that point we established CandlesCube. We update our business model every year you can learn how to join us on our partner with us page. Now we also export to USA, UK and Dubai.

Our Story –

We started our journey in 2005 where we first time brought wax. First product will never be final product we spend lots of time for learning how to make quality product at best price. So we started procuring quality product from best sources like we started importing wax from Iran, UAE and other countries who are main producer of wax. This way we are able to procure quality paraffin wax and it helped us to cut down making cost up to 22% next thing we learned how to manage man power. Yes man power most important think you have to look for we provide best environment to our workers.

So after that we started our business offline we have lots of shop owner connected to us we directly send them products once they make order. but now we like to go online as we know E-Commerce is best platform to be connected with our king (users). We treat our costumers as our king we are working hard to give then best products and services at best price.

“CandlesCube spreading light and happiness worldwide”